How to use the system


1. You get all the detail from introducer that the system can make more money so that you make decision to register for a member.

2. Register as member system is that you have to register under the link of introducer. You may see in front the DASHBOARD and you can copy link so that whoever register under your link will be your members automatically.

3. The detail in menu for register

You have to use your real own email because the system will be automatically giving more detail under your name which you registration.

4. Make your user Name and Password

-User Name is only English that it can be 6-16 letters!

-Password is only Arabic number and make its 6-16 letters!

5. Riches 999 Income system

You can register only one password after you became a member you must tell others to know how to get income under Riches 999 system. When they understand the system, they will register under your member club in a week that it will begins from your registration date. You must upgrade yourself before you introduce yourself to other because you will be attractive to others. If the person who you introduce register under other, you could not get her/him under your club members.

6. Transfer for the member club system

After you transfer the money for the member club, you must keep the slip on your own and take picture for upload with slip paper and write the amount that you transferred (Accounting No. of the system and you can see in member club system).

7. How to make PIN Number

Transfer the money for others or you transfer money out of the system that you must have PIN number because the system will confirm by email. When you make the PIN number, you must type RESET and the system will send to your email after that you can make a new PIN number.


8. Active System for working

- Binary Summery!  You must look at your all members

- My Tree! You must look at your planning on the tree line.

- My Referral! You must look at your password that the system gives you.

- Referral Commission! You must look at your income directly!

- Binary Commission!  You must see management payment monthly line group.

- Monthly Commission! You must see monthly commission.

- Add Fund!  Attention for the transferring money

- Request Withdraw! You must request for the withdrawing.

- Fund Transfer!  Transfer money to your club member.

- Transaction PIN! Making PIN password

- Transaction History! It is transaction history in your group line.

- Support Ticket! You must contact directly with administration.

- Change Password! You must change the password.

- Edit Profile! You must change your personal profile.

- Login and Logout System! It is login and logout system.


9. Forget Password

You can click menu under Forget Password and type Username and click NET STEP and system will author to your email after that you may bring new number and you can click RESET NOW! The system will show the temporary password. You can use the LOGIN system to make a new password in menu changing password.

10. Drawing money out of the system

You must introduce 2 members and you can drawing the money out of the system (Members must have income 0.50 RC above for the member  after that the system will collect the money for deducting paying the monthly 0.50 RC  Attention is very member can draw and receive the money every day.

11. Some misunderstood!

- PAID Member On Your Tree! It shows your line on the left and right side that it is already upgrade.

- FREE Member On Your Tree! It shows your line on the left and right side that it is not upgrading yet.

- 1 RC! It has valued beginning by $1.60

- RC! It is stand for RICH COINS that it is digital money of the Rich 999 system.

- R$! It is the signed of the digital Rich Coins.

- Rich Wallet! It is Rich only pocket money that it is liked Paypal system in doing the business under Rich 999 system.

- Monthly Account Expired in 26 days! It is expired day in 26 days  paying for the member club monthly.

- You have 11.8 RC! You have in your pocket money 11.8 RC.